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Immunity Foods -- Immunity For Life with Medicinal Superfoods

"Let Medicine Be Thy Food and Food Thy Medicine" ... Hippocrates

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A complete guide to boosting the immune system with medicinal superfoods, preventing and treating influenza, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and other immune system disorders.

Also highly effective in treating the nervous system and stress, and fighting the microbial world of bacteria, viruses and infection.

Essential foods and information for everyone to maximise immunity against the modern world, and create heightened wellbeing.

Learn which vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs, spices and foods work together to create a fortified immune system and relieve arthritis.

Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is not an “autoimmune” disorder. The immune system does not turn upon itself for no reason. Nor is it an inevitable result of old age. It can strike anyone. Arthritis occurs as a result of a virus taking over a weakened immune system. Mainstream medicine has no answer to arthritis or any of the 80 immune system disorders of the modern world.

In fact, its answer is to decrease immunity with immuno-suppressants, to work against our incredibly complex and efficient immune system, to try and beat it – and in doing so, does the arthritis sufferer a serious disservice by severely reducing their immunity to disease. Yet eastern medicine has been preventing and treating arthritis for thousands of years, by boosting immunity with a superherb known as Star Anise. Today, countries with anise-based liquers as their national drink - France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, boast the lowest arthritis rates in the world. This is no coincidence.

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Warning: Do not take star anise if also taking immuno-suppressants, as contradictions will occur. See Research Paper.

About the Author:

Chelsea Cooke is a NZ natural medicine specialist and former journalist who has successfully eliminated arthritis in many people from ages 4 to 85. Now she brings her wealth of knowledge of ancient medicinal remedies to everyone - to bolster their immune system against infection & viruses, and free themselves from arthritis permanently.

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This powerful collection of medicinal superfoods is designed for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and other immune system conditions such as diabetes type 11, multiple sclerosis, Aids, cancer, nervous system disorders and stress. It is also suitable for use by everyone to create strong, ongoing immunity against bacteria, viruses, fungus and infection - and is the natural key to heightened wellbeing.

The central bedrock of these medicinal foods is star anise. Cultivated in China since antiquity as a medicinal superherb, star anise has been used in the west since 1999 as the basis of the seasonal flu vaccine. The shikimic acid in the star anise deactivates the influenza virus, and boosts immunity to the maximum.

What is less well known is that shikimic acid works the same way against arthritis and other immune system disorders, and has historically been used in China for this purpose.

Today, cultures which consume high quantities of anise-based liquers such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey report consistently low arthritis rates.

Bacteria, viri, micro organisms, plants and fungi produce shikimic acid internally, but animals do not. This puts microbes at great advantage, and is why we are susceptible to frequent microbial invasion.

Humans and animals need to include shikimic acid in their diet to fortify the immune system and defend themselves against the microbial world.

These immunity foods support shikimic acid, making it more effective, and also treat the nervous system, which is closely aligned to the immune system. What affects one system affects the other.

Gluten is a problem for many people, especially the immuno-compromised, and nutritional information on a wide range of gluten-free alternatives to wheat is provided - including seed, nut, grain and legume flours.

This handbook is designed as a guide to the immunity nutrients themselves, and the general medicinal principles and categories. It encourages the reader to become their own wellbeing caretaker, as the individual is the best judge of their own internal state. Incorporating these foods into the diet ensures a healthier, higher quality of life and wellbeing which is felt immediately.

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